Account Management

In order to sign up to our managed service we need you to open your own trading account with one of our brokers. The minimum account size for this needs to be 10,000 USD, GBP or EUR.
Once your account has been deposited you will be required to send us the MT4 logins and we will connect your account to our server you can expect to see 15-20% a month return from manual and trades from our EAs.

You will be required to pay us a share of 40% of the profits made on your account at the end of each month. This payment is payable via Skrill or bank transfer. Please remember you only pay when we make profit on your account!

Please also note that at no time do we have details to your personal information, or access to your funds. We only need the logins to your MT4 account where the trading takes place.

Contact me directly if you are interested in having your account managed by our team.