About Us​

Our Story

Virtuo Trading was established in 2015 from the collective ambition of traders experienced in the business and finance industries. We’ve gained valuable insight into the Forex markets which we’ve used to program expert advisors that produce consistent profits. We now manage over £2,000,000 for our clients.

Our aims

Using small risk to reward ratios and professional risk management, we aim to keep drawdown to a minimum, maintain stable equity curves and ensure that our clients reap regular profits. We aim to help you achieve a steady investment return on a monthly basis, while you sit back and watch the growth on your initial deposit.

Our Difference

Our ability to understand the market makers’ (banks) business model and how it is designed to take out retail traders makes us different from other investment companies. We are verified by fully regulated A-Book brokers and approved by ASIC. We also offer our services to American clients, unlike many agencies.

what we offer

Account management

In order to sign up to our managed service we need you to open your own trading account with one of our brokers,min account size for this needs to be 10,000 USD,GBP or EUR once your account has been deposited you will be required to send us the MT4 logins and we will connect your account to our server and you will then start to receive profit to your account.

You will be required to pay us a 40% of the profits made on your account at the end of each month payable via Skrill or bank transfer.Please remember you only pay when we make profit on your account!

Please also note that at no time do we have details to your personal information or access to your funds, we only need the logins to your MT4 account where the trading takes place.

Contact me directly if you are interested in having your account managed by our team.


Why Forex?

Isn't this like Gambling?

Forex trading is a very meticulous and micro-managed process of working with investments, in which trades are placed according to precise technical analysis and knowledge of currency pairs. Not just based on pure luck.

The Largest Financial Market

To put things in perspective, the NYSE trades $22.4 billion daily volume whereas the Forex markets trade $5.3 trillion. The currency markets are over 200 times larger than the stock market which offers investors greater liquidity and cheaper trades. Unlike the stock exchange, the forex markets rarely close being open 24/5, which gives our expert advisors more time to trade.

Virtuo vs Banks

Did you know that the banks use your money to trade in the foreign exchange markets? They earn millions trading your money every day and give 0.5% interest annually in return. Virtuo levels the playing field generating up to 10% per month for our clients. What are you waiting for?